Colorado/Alaska based concert and portrait photographer

My first real memory of wanting to be a photographer dates back to my last day of kindergarten. I showed up with a disposable camera in hand and felt the need to document everything; 6th graders playing kick ball, my teacher and a classmate whose name I can no longer remember, and, of course, my friends. By the time I got my first “real” camera when I was 16 years old I had collected thousands of pictures of the people I loved. Nothing made me happier than getting to capture all the little intimate moments for everyone to look back on years later.

This passion grew into shooting portrait and documentary photography as a part of my school's student government, and branched into short-film work. I was a main director/camerawoman in my school's nationally accredited film program, which I pursued into 2016, including some work towards a degree in film.

In 2018 I shot my first concert for a band named Chess At Breakfast and instantly fell in love with the work. I'm now a self-taught concert photographer, and my work has been featured in a number of national publications. 

As previously stated, I specialize in portrait, documentary and concert photography, and have won multiple awards since beginning to shoot in 2011. I'm currently based in Fort Collins, Colorado but am willing to tour and travel. To discuss rates and set up a session please email me or DM me at any of my social media.

Photo by Eva Linke, find more of her work here

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